Tuesday, December 13, 2011

moose and curling irons, but not together

Our kids got little plush animals in their goody bags at their cousin's birthday party... D got a penguin and named it Flappy. He also named Rose's polar bear, Beary. (I think... It could be Berry or Barry, but I didn't ask how I should spell it.) Ry got a moose. I thought D had come up with some cute names for the penguin and bear, he stuck with "characteristic" names instead of going for wild and "out there" names. I asked Ry if he had named his moose and expected to hear something like, No, just Moose. They haven't really been into naming anything, so I was surprised when he said, "Oh, this is Bean." Bean? 

So... meet Bean.
Cute, no? I love the name. I think it is so awesome that he named him Bean. I just asked why he named him that and I got, "Because he's a moose." Am I missing something here? I don't understand why it's so obvious that his name should be Bean. Feel free to enlighten me.

An acquaintance at the party asked me if I curled Rose's hair. (Remember she will be two at the end of the month.) I tried my best not to act completely shocked (this question has been posed before and I nearly laughed in the curious persons face) and just answered that, no, it's naturally curly. (I noticed their daughter's hair had a bit of a curl to it, but couldn't bring myself to question if it was natural or hot burning metal curled.) Do people actually curl the hair of toddlers? (By the way... I have heard of Toddlers and Tiaras but have never watched it- we have a whopping seven channels and three are PBS. I assume those crazies do that. Ooh, was that too harsh?) Anyhow, why would I take extra effort to curl my kids hair and not my own? Because I'm a selfless mother? No. Because my curling iron hasn't seen the light of day in over two years. The only thing that gets used is my straightener. (And only twice a month at the most.) I have resorted to pony tails and side braids (even though my hair isn't quite long enough for a nice one) or going all natural and letting it frizz and stick out all of the place. (I've never been particular about my hair... pony tails are my style.) I think Rose's hair is amazing. I wish I had her hair. (I had ringlets when I was her age which morphed into waves as I got older, now it's just a mess.)

I can see why they would ask me if I curl her hair. I've got the "three kids and no time to brush my hair" look and T's hair is relatively straight (and short). I can barely get her clothes on her so there is no way on Earth that I'd attempt to put a pizza-oven-hot piece of metal anywhere near her. I don't mind being asked if I curled her hair, but do I really look insane? Dang, she has some beautiful locks, though.

I am incredibly tempted to do something drastic with my hair now. Oh, don't fear, I won't do anything.
I never do.

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