Friday, December 16, 2011

ten happy things

things that are making me happy today

Yesterday I was able to order half of our gifts with only a week to spare (and cutting it close for shipping deadlines). I still have some things to pick up in town tomorrow (or tonight?), but after that I'll be done. Yippie!

This morning I used the very last 5 cups of flour and am making a regular loaf of bread and a cinnamon swirl loaf. I've never made the swirl before and I'm hoping it turns out delicious. (My house should be smelling scrumptious in about thirty minutes.)

I am watching my nephew again today and he is just a joy! He is nearly always happy and laughs so easily. I've really enjoyed spending some time with him.

Our friends are coming to visit. I'm so excited to see them and our God-daughters.

Rose is sensitive to chocolate, so instead of her getting left out when it comes to making cocoa, I make her warm vanilla milk. It's just milk, some vanilla and a bit of sugar to sweeten it, warmed in the microwave. Delicious. If I were feeling fancy I'd steam the milk in our espresso maker and then froth it and add a dash of cinnamon on top. I'm kidding. T would have to steam and froth the milk because I haven't learned how to do that and don't plan on it. (He's made some amazing cappuccinos for me!)

It's been rainy out for the past several days which means the children, the boys in particular, are feeling cooped up. When my sister came to pick up T.J. yesterday they were practically climbing the walls. Then the Charlie Brown Christmas special came on and they were hypnotized for a nice stretch of time with that. I'm glad we're getting the rain and happy for old cartoons that my kids find extremely funny.

I'm happy that today is Friday. It's been a long week.

My gray, frumpy sweater. It's sort of ugly (I bought it while I was pregnant, so it's a bit loose), but I like it anyhow because it's warm.

A vehicle with four wheel drive. I'll never get stuck in my driveway.

Mmm... warm cinnamon swirl bread. 

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