Tuesday, December 27, 2011

the Christmas post

The boys actually heard Santa on our roof on Christmas Eve! T and I were sleeping so we missed it, but he did come! He left lots of Toy Story buddies for the kids and dinosaurs in their stockings. (Um, Santa, that one stocking was so heavy it fell off the mantle!) Christmas Eve we spent at T's parents' house. We had fajitas and tamales for supper and then Pappy G read the Christmas Story from the Bible, we sang a couple of songs and then it was present time! T and I were gifted coffee (they know us so well). D and Ry made off with paint-able dinosaurs, cars, The Polar Express dvd, train set and lots of other goodies. Rose got a doll that walks with her, a purse (debit card included), some play veggies... oh, so many things! We had a great time.

Christmas morning we woke up with, "Santa came! Hurry come see!" so we went to see... The kids made the nice list. D got almost everything on his list and was so happy! Ry got Jessie (from Toy Story). His reaction was awesome. He had been asking for Jessie since before his birthday (April) so his patience was rewarded.

Rose got a doll stroller that she loves. I had my doubts about it being something she would like, but it is a big hit.

I got some pretty turquoise and pearl earrings from T. They are so pretty! I don't have a picture of them, but maybe sometime soon I will. I got him a movie that he opened Christmas Eve and we watched. (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, in case you were curious.)

We went to my sister's house for Christmas dinner (lunch). It was so good. I stuffed my face. We had a great time and they pulled out tamales right before we left so I grabbed some and brought them home... yum, again. We all exchanged presents and lounged around. My dad built Rose and her cousin E (they're the same age) doll cradles. It is beautiful. He made them on Christmas Eve, stayed up until 2am finishing them. My mom made a little mattress, pillow and doll blanket for them. So sweet and you bet there will be some sentimental attachment there. 

he made them out of cedar

Yesterday we had a little vacation day. T was home and we went "shopping". We didn't find much, I got two books and we got the boys each something from Academy. (A football uniform for Ry and a polar fleece jacket for D.) We came home and made pizza and watched a couple of movies (Broken Trail and Bridesmaids). It was way past my bedtime (I think it was 1am) before we finally called it a night. (The kids called it a night at 8pm.) So, that's about it. Too many late nights in a row... I'm barely keeping my eyes open. I figured I better get this Christmas stuff out here before tomorrow or it'd be too late. 
 tomorrow holds another celebration...

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