Tuesday, June 12, 2012

the weekend

Yesterday was busy and I never made it to posting about our weekend. A weekend that wasn't preplanned is always something I look forward to. Saturday morning we decided to go to Ikea and look at some things that interested us in person rather than relying solely on pictures from the web. We ended up actually enjoying our trip (I was prepared for the worst, Ikea on a Saturday with 3 kids and a husband who sort of had a terrible time there previously). The only annoying part was when I told T that I liked something (couch and bed) someone would appear from nowhere and sit down and test it out which made it a bit awkward because we just stood there and waited for them to leave so WE could try it out. I tried to be really discreet about everything I liked the rest of the time. We got a lot of ideas and inspiration out of it and didn't buy one thing.

After Ikea we headed over to a sandwich place and I picked up lunch while the kids played on the playground. We made it home with some Redbox movies and spent the remainder of the day (evening) hanging out.

Sunday I helped T work on the roof at the other house out here. We are slowly fixing that house one evening and weekend at a time. Oh, T found a snake skin next to the chimney and threw it at me. I was not happy about that. Gross.

Yesterday was grocery shopping day. I really don't think I need to elaborate on that one. Today I'm knee deep in laundry which also needs not to be explained in detail. Lots of excitement around here. Lots.


  1. Ikea- brave

    Redbox- I love the box of red goodness

    Snake Skin- might be grounds for divorce

    Groceries- they suck

    Laundry- it sucks worse

  2. jealous we have no ikea! and kudos for not buying anything.... that is the hardest part!

    snake skin!?!?!?! i would have put it on his face or in his pants while he slept...

    pregnant and on the roof- you are awesome