Monday, June 4, 2012

weekend highlights

Back at the beginning of April we bought some concert tickets to see Jason Boland & The Stragglers. So Saturday evening we gussied up and arrived an hour early at the venue. 
See, this place is in the middle of nowhere, brand new and it's an hour away from the nearest major city. I overheard a lady in the restroom saying she had to google map the place, saw "a bunch of green squares (farms/ranches) and like four streets (the town) and then a tiny dot (the venue)". I was very amused by this since I, um, live very close to this "tiny dot".

We grabbed a place at a picnic table and waited and for the show to begin. Eventually the crowd filled in and the good times started rolling. We listened to two openi ng acts that were impressive and then Jason Boland came out and dang, he put on a good show. One of the best live performances I've seen.

The kids ended up spending the night at Pappy G's house so Sunday morning we slept in since our little alarm clocks weren't there to wake us up. We missed them a lot. It was way too quiet; I didn't like it at all. As soon as our coffee was done brewing we rushed out the door to get them. They spent the rest of the day acting like wild animals while I cleaned up the house. Then around 7pm all I wanted was some peace and quiet... ha. ha. ha. I'm sure there will be plenty of that in about 18 years.

That's about it. The boys are resting and my mom whisked Rose away this morning so she could finish making her dress (she needed her so she could fit the dress since the pattern sizing was a little wonky). I have somehow managed to clean the kitchen, the boys' closet (and went through most of their clothes  since their closet rod collapsed yesterday morning), filled up two trash bags and put away half the laundry. Now I just need to finish the laundry, take a nap, clean Rose's room and make a spectacular dinner that we all enjoy. Take a guess at the one thing that will most likely happen.

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