Monday, June 25, 2012

our weekend

Saturday we went to my family reunion. They had a catered chicken fried steak lunch (pizza for the kids) I can't remember ever having it catered growing up. Usually everyone brings a meal and we have a potluck style lunch. This was way better! The place where we have the reunion is an old schoolhouse that my Opa and his siblings attended. The town is named after one of my great grandfathers that came from Germany. It's neat hearing stories about growing up there.

That evening we had to run into town for an errand and ended up taking the kids to the park that we hadn't been to yet. It's even cooler than the park we usually visit. The play scape is about 4x as big, it's surrounded by oak trees and there are plenty of picnic tables and benches in the shade. We were the only ones there, though, which I found odd. It must have been because it was around dinner time.

Sunday we packed the kids some extra clothes to change into after church, picked up lunch and headed back to the park. Again, we were the only people there for about 30 minutes when another family showed up with their own picnic. We left a little while later to check out the pool... there was no one there but the lifeguards so we drove home, changed into our suits, packed a pool bag and headed straight back to town to swim. We had the whole pool to ourselves for almost an hour! I stayed in the kiddie pool (fine with me- I'm not a great swimmer) with the kids while T took them individually to the big pool and tried to teach them some fundamentals. We really had a great time. We left after about two hours, but Ry learned how to go under water and hold his breath! We were really proud of him.

We made it home, exhausted! By about 8pm I was barely holding my eyes open. Rose took a long nap and then I let the kids watch Wild Kratts while I cleaned up the kitchen. (T and D went to help my brother with some hay during that time.) It was a long, but really fun day. We hadn't been to the pool in years, at least since I was pregnant with Rose, so it was a big deal. The kids were kind of mad that we left, but we will definitely be going back!

Today I went grocery shopping and school shopping for D. We got his backpack and almost all of his supplies that were on the list. I'm excited for him to go school mainly because he is so excited, but I'm keeping myself from thinking about it too much. I have a feeling August 15 is going to be a really hard day for me. 

I hope you are all having a good start to your week!


  1. That sounds like a fantastic time!

    And I can't believe that school lists are already out! Didn't summer juuuust start?

  2. What a great reunion and getaway. Yes, school will be back before we know it. I am still having to get the post sharing in order on your other post. I shared your link of facebook but have to get it in one of my posts on here. Loved that story.