Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Random Ramblin' on Tuesday

Guess what? I just ordered a pair of sneakers from Amazon. My foot is somewhat of a monstrosity (long and skinny) and I rarely find shoes in my size (12) that I like or am even willing to try on. I believe a majority of shoes made in my size are designed for cross dressers... so finding nice flats or sandals is always a challenge. Sneakers are nearly impossible. At one point I broke down and bought mens, but they are just ugly. The ones I've had for the past 6 years finally broke down and I am left with flip flops and a pair of brown flats. I searched the stores and unless I wanted to pay a ridiculous amount of money for good looking, comfortable sneakers I was out of luck. I am a little anxious about ordering shoes online, but the reviews were all good and now I can't wait for Thursday to get here! I hope they work out.

Have you ever tried chocolate soy milk? Same price as my coffee creamer, but way healthier. I had my banana milk shake with it- so good!! The boys don't notice a difference between it and the regular chocolate milk they sometimes get and there's no artificial food dyes or preservatives to worry about.

Yesterday I decided to buy guacamole instead of regular avocados since it was the same price. Terrible decision. Only after I got home, opened the quac and started reading the label did I realize I was eating FLAVORED guacamole dip. "Made with skim milk, soy beans... contains less than 2% avocados" lesson learned- always read the ingredients in the store. It tastes gross, too. I ate my last avocado yesterday for lunch and now I am just sad. (I know I just said how great soy milk tastes, but soy guacamole is a fail.)

I am thinking about making some flourless peanut butter cookies. It's too late for that today, but maybe tomorrow morning.

I just read that watermelon has more lycopene per ounce than tomatoes. What?! And it's super beneficial during pregnancy because it eases heartburn, reduces swelling and helps prevent muscle cramps during the 3rd trimester. I should have bought a watermelon yesterday! It's on the grocery list for next week now.

Okay, so sneakers and food is all that's on my mind today! Now off to tackle the laundry mountains...


  1. Tell me how the shoe thing turns out! I was considering buying shoes online and I want to know if it's worth it.

    I told Mom we should get Dad to buy the kiddos soy chocolate milk. We waited a bit and realized Dad would never do that. He doesn't believe in soy. Or healthy. He does believe in cap guns, though. He bought your kiddos cap guns and fake badges. All three of them. He said he was updating our toy box over here. I told him I was going to kill him. ;)

  2. I'm so glad you shared about the soy milk....I have been wondering about it for a while. I think we are going to test it out. I agree with you on reading the labels...there is so much out there unnatural these days and I have tried the guac too already pre-made....totally not the same.

    Have a great day...we are cooking in a 106 heat index here in Michigan today...it's HOT!!!