Friday, June 15, 2012

ten happy things friday

Yesterday went well. I wrangled the "terrible two" (I probably shouldn't call them that) at the t-ball closing ceremonies (we arrived 40!! minutes early). Ry only lost me once and while I watched him wander off in search for me was kind of concerned when, after not seeing me when he stopped and looked around simply continued on his merry way, never showing a bit of fear at being completely alone. (He was never out of my sight, in case you were wondering.)

The t-ball team loved the cupcakes I made. I spent at least an hour + all of nap time yesterday (2 INterrupted hours) making these topper things. I saw several of the kids collecting them because they were "so cool!" Totally worth the effort.

My tomato plant and the pot of herbs that my sister gave me for my birthday are still living despite my erratic watering tendencies and Rose's attempts to "plant" them.

We've whittled our baby name choices down and are very set on a boy name... the girl choices are very similar sounding, but I am not sold on either yet.

Lunch today was a cupcake, a whole avocado and half a tomato. Yep, the cupcake was first.

I am very possibly maybe going to get to see my friend Holly and my Goddaughters today!

I picked some wildflowers/weeds this morning... I'm already suffering with some sort of allergy so if they make me sneeze I won't notice if it's them or whatever is in the air already.

T stopped on the way home from work one night and picked up ice cream for me. That's a sweet guy I've got there.

I found some cute and comfortable shorts that will fit me for another 3 weeks or so. I might go buy the next size up I like them so much.

This weekend holds the promise of good food.... always something that makes me happy.

Have yourself a great weekend!

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