Wednesday, June 13, 2012

lab work, target, baby stuff...

This morning I had to get some lab work done (because I am pregnant, in case you've missed the announcement). Anyhow, I am not afraid of needles or getting blood drawn... I just can't watch it happening. Lucky me I had a large window to stare out of while the technician took four vials of blood from my left arm. This lady was really good, too, I didn't feel a thing. And that was it. Afterwards I rewarded myself with a stroll through Target. I got T a father's day gift and D a pair of shorts. I couldn't believe I made it out of there spending less than $15. (I went all out didn't I?) Everyone knows Target rarely lets you leave the red doors without spending a minimum of $75. I could have spent that much if I would have found shoes in my size, known the gender of the in utero baby, found season one of Swamp People and been impressed (even a little) with the maternity section. (Thank the Lord for all the things that I didn't find.)

Since I mentioned not knowing the baby's gender yet (although I have a very strong feeling) I will be putting up the mandatory "Guess the baby's gender" poll. I believe it's a requirement if you have a blog. Also, I know a lot of expectant bloggers post pictures weekly or monthly of their growing bumps... not sure if I'm going to do that. Maybe. (Shirt over the belly- I promise I won't show skin.)

My time seems to have expired here as I am suddenly being forced to open applesauce pouches, yogurts and water down three cups of juice. More words tomorrow. 

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  1. you spent less than $80 at Target AND didnt get anything at IKEA... you are my personal hero JD... you need to give us more details about how pregnancy is going before I can make an informed decision!!!!