Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So It's Not a Real Bird?

Yesterday was such a beautiful day! I hope everyone had the chance to go outside and enjoy it. It looks like today is going to be just as nice. The boys spent hours outside digging in the sand and planting things with me. They helped me plant some zinnias and basil in my front flower beds. I went to our backyard and planted some morning glories in the hopes that they will climb up deck railing and provide some shade in the afternoons for us. I even followed the directions to nick and soak the seeds to hurry up the germination process, which I hope works, because last year I just stuck those seeds under some dirt and nothing ever happened. My cilantro and spring onions have emerged and they were just dry seeds 2 weeks ago. I am really excited that they are growing, but I don't want to do a happy dance or anything because I still have plenty of time to somehow kill them.
In other news, the horses are annoying me, I think the blue bird that always stares in our window is a high tech spy device, my kids eat all day long, Little Rose cut a tooth and I think she's cutting another one, which always makes for fun times.  Not much going on here. I saw on Yahoo about these insect or bird looking spy things and now it all makes sense why there's always a blue bird staring in at us. From almost every window. At all times of day. So go ahead and put me on a list, it's not like I'm not on there already. Here's the link to the CBS news article:

So, on that note, I will go talk to my little spy friend and let him know that I'm on to him.
Watching you very closely,

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