Monday, February 28, 2011

Our Super Fun-Filled Weekend

I don't know about your weekend, but ours was really nice. Friday night we had movie night for the kids. They packed their pillows and blankets into the living room and sprawled out on the floor with popcorn and sippy cups to watch "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian". The boys really enjoyed it and had planned on camping out in the living room after the movie, but I said I was going to sleep in my bed and they decided their beds were more comfortable than the floor too.
Saturday rolled around and T took the boys to the city with his dad. You see, T is a groomsman in his friends wedding this summer and he had to get fitted for his suit. He was so excited. That it's over. Actually, it's not over, it really hasn't even started. (Little Rose is eating a graham cracker right now and I think she is possibly falling asleep at the same time. Yeah, she's being a total goofball too.) I got to hang out with my little girl all morning and then hitched a ride with my sister to town where we bought all kinds of exciting things. Oh, I can tell you are dying to know what we found! Our first real treasure we picked up was.....chicken feed! No, not what you expected? That chicken feed really helps me get a dozen eggs a day so... treasure for me. Then we went on over to the Wal-Mart. I know. On Saturday. In Small Town. What were we thinking?! It wasn't too bad; I have definitely seen it worse. I didn't buy anything super exciting there. Just the usual mambo jumbo of items you can buy in a "super store"; hair care products, high mileage vehicle oil, bananas, cheese and bacon. That bacon was really good, too. Later on, T went the other Small Town near us and rented a movie from RedBox for a whopping $1.08. We really lived it up!
Sunday we hung around the house doing some "fixing up". Our back deck now has railing so no one will fall off of it and I made another (empty) flower bed. I made BLTs for lunch (you wanted to know), then all my children took a nap, I took a shower and watched some PBS TV. Then we all went into Small Town to return the RedBox movie and picked up some yummy Blue Bell ice cream and cream soda to make floats back at home. They were so delicious and went really well with sitting out on our now safe deck. I finally dragged my butt back inside and made pizza (home made) and we watched Nature, not the Oscars.
I hope I didn't bore you too much with my very detailed weekend post. It was actually relaxing and we really enjoyed it so I know you enjoyed reading about it. I am hoping to get some half price plants at Lowes this week...if I can convince someone to go with me.
Stuck with an empty flower bed,

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