Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chickens and Other Randomness

I've got a few more chickens to care for now. My sister has about 12 or is it 13 chickens that needed a home until she can get a coop built for them. I told her to bring 'em on over because we have the room and what's 12 more with the 19 I already care for? Maybe I collect a few more eggs and dump out a little more feed, but in the end I'm doing the same thing I do everyday. She has some exotics and some regular old barred rock chickens like us. I'm pretty sure we'll be able to tell them apart when we move them. Her chickens have been pecked on and they are a bit thinner than ours due to cramped quarters at their previous home. My sis researched this and found some good solutions to the pecking and we hope they work out cause seriously, her exotics are missing tails. It's a sad sight. I believe that I can get them healthy, even though I really know very little in regards to doctoring chickens. I can put some vinegar in their water, dust them with talcum powder, give them ample space, plenty of grain... if any one has any other suggestions feel free to comment below!

Our weekend was pretty nice. I caved and bought Bambi. The kids liked it ok, but not so much that it's all they want to watch. I thought it was kinda strange myself. It had been like 10 years since I've seen it and though I liked it just fine I found some parts a little odd and some characters seemed...weird. It's a lovely movie...but I'm an adult now and things change. The boys have been hooked on Ratatouille and like to pretend they are making soup in the dogs water bowl. They have been instructed to make soup elsewhere cause that's gross. We rented Inception and it was really good. I feel like I'll need to watch it again so it all makes sense though. I had three children begging for my attention in some detailed background parts of the movie... that's what I get for watching it before bedtime though. I made pizza Sunday night like always and like always it was delicious. The boys played soccer until it got too dark to see the ball while their little sis rode around on Daddy's shoulders. I made the delicious pizzas in peace and quiet. Thanks T. (Little Rose is still cutting teeth and she won't get me any peace. Or quiet.)

I have chickens to heal and children to feed and entertain. Mama's gonna be busy today. Big D (my 4 yr old, I can't remember his blog name right now) wants to plant carrots. We will see.

Someone needs a nap and I need breakfast,

(P.S. spell check says I spelled quiet wrong. It wants to correct it with "quiett" Um, no thank you.)

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