Monday, March 21, 2011

I've Got Average Hopes

I had an unusually busy week last week that prevented me from posting much. I had errands to run and God-daughters to see. This weekend we got part of our raised beds done and I planted my tomatoes, peppers and squash. This coming weekend we hope to finish the beds and get everything else planted. We are so excited about this garden. I think it is most likely due to the fact that it's going to be so darn easy to care for. The beds themselves are on a raised form making them waist high for my giant self. T must have heard me complain too often about bending over to pick green beans and squash. This year I had changed my ways and bought pole beans so I could prevent that squatting down stuff, needless to say the beds that hold my beans and okra will not be waist high! I'd have to drag a ladder around with me to reach anything. I'm feeling pretty good about this garden. I hope it can save me some money on veggies this summer and if I do really well I can even freeze or can things to cut costs on my winter spending!

Speaking of trying to save money.... I have boxes and boxes of clothes that my kids have outgrown and I'm going to attempt to sell those clothes this week at a consignment shop. I hope they need boys clothes because I'm saving most of my girl stuff for my God-daughter. It'll be my first time selling anything to a consignment shop and I'm not anticipating a big return of moolah, but anything helps. For example, I have sold books before and I had high hopes of a big return and was fairly depressed that I received less that $6 for a pretty nice arm load of books. I'm fairly certain I had spent at least $50 on those books, so not cool. I don't like being disappointed so my expectations are quite low for these clothes.

Yesterday was the first day of Spring! Our windows have been open for a couple weeks now and I'm enjoying it. My pizza dough also rises better now that it's warmer. I think everyone can appreciate that. I am obviously running out of things to say and I'll take that as a hint to go put some real clothes on and get to work around here.

Still in my pj's at 11am,

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