Thursday, March 3, 2011

A List

I like making lists of things to do, accomplish, finish, re-do, fix....
I don't always follow the list though. It usually gets shoved in with an ever growing pile of papers and disappears. Then I find it approximately 3 months later and start making a new list. Monday I made a list. I keep thinking maybe I can follow this one, it's not a lot. My mom always makes lists and always crosses things off throughout the day. What a feeling of accomplishment that must bring! I want that! So, here's my list I made complete with the crossed off items I've done. It was meant for Monday, but at around 11am I decided it would be my list for the week. I'm a go getter, that's for sure.

- Put laundry away (not crossed off, because it's every day, but I have been keeping up)
-Move cow feed
-Clean washing machine It's GROSS
- Remake bed
- Make cookies for C.
-Sweep/Vacuum/Mop (I sweep daily)
-Find small sugar jar (I didn't lose it, I need one)
-Take nails out of deck rail (I'm halfway!)
-Check PO box

I think I need a break. From list making.

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