Wednesday, October 31, 2012

wednesday already?

Based on my lack of posting you'd think I've been so busy, but I haven't been. Not more than the usual, I guess. Sadly, I don't even remember what I did Monday besides grocery shopping and that's not a fond memory anyhow. Yesterday I made 5 pans of cinnamon rolls and promptly ate half of one before anyone could stop me. I had to make sure they were good! (I did get heartburn from eating too many so... actions have consequences, blah blah blah.)

This morning was the usual hustle and bustle to school with some mommy bravery on the side as I didn't throw a pull up on Rose... she is a "big girl" now. Recently she has really impressed us and I think it's time she gets her certificate of success and promotion to undies full time. Sadly, for those of you thinking of potty training your kiddo, I don't have any super awesome secrets to share. I gave myself 9 months (basically we wanted her potty trained by the time the baby was born), she was "ready", able to communicate (seriously, I feel this is a major factor in potty training) and I was ready (another major factor). We took it one failure or success at a time.

Tonight we're going to our church's festival with Cinderella, Iron Man and Optimus Prime. (Rose was going to be a unicorn, but unfortunately that costume was a tad bit too small. Thanks to Uncle E for the cool costumes, that was a great surprise!) I hope everyone has a fun night! Happy whatever it is you're celebrating! I've got to make some worms (spaghetti) for dinner now.

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