Tuesday, October 23, 2012

what was monday

I read something a few weeks ago that went something like this, "We make plans and God laughs." Yeah, that was yesterday. Yesterday I was going to go shopping by myself, go to my checkup and then come home rested and refreshed. Unfortunately D woke up with a low grade fever and cough that couldn't be ignored. I decided he wouldn't be going to school and then upon further evaluation thought he might need to see the doctor. The doc had two appointments... one coincided with my own appointment and the other gave us 15 seconds to get on the road and maybe make it in time. I managed to already have plans for Ry and Rose to visit their Pappy G (my awesome father in law) so they went on their way and I went mine. I also stopped panicking and being flustered with the situation because, really, things were working out fairly well.

D's doc diagnosed him with the start of an ear infection, congestion and a little case of bronchitis. I knew it was bad when I heard D wheeze with every breath he took for the doc. He has his very own inhaler now. Awesome.

After that we went to Chik-fil-A and ate lunch, Target (where I sped through throwing things in my cart that I desperately needed) and then to my appointment. I was early. I chatted with the doctor and asked him (since it's trendy and all) if I needed to write a birth plan. He laughed and asked if I really thought I needed one. Then he said all the nurses cringe when they get handed one and he throws them away anyhow. I felt relieved; I didn't want to write one anyway. He mentioned that this might be my biggest baby... then after looking at my worried expression said, "Probably not 9 or 10 pounds... around 8." Ry holds the record for my biggest baby at 7.15 and I remember that being a breeze. (Apparently I feel really confident 7ish weeks away from my due date.)

D stayed home today since he was still coughing every 5 seconds this morning. We stopped by the school and picked up his missed work which he has already finished today. It's nap time now so I am going to try to get something done, but it seems almost impossible as I am needed every 23 seconds.

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  1. I've always wondered what they do with those birth plans, now I know.