Wednesday, October 24, 2012

back to normal

D went back to school today and seeing all the kids in his class run up and greet him was so cute this morning. The first thing he did was give his teacher a big hug; I am so thankful that he likes her so much. (He's feeling better and just has a cough that wants to hang around.)

My other two munchkins and I headed out to do some shopping and hit up all three home improvement stores in town. I was expecting to stop only at Home Depot, but unfortunately their restrooms were under construction (Rose had to go potty) and I couldn't find the caulk I was looking for. So... across the highway to Lowe's we rolled. I found one part of my caulk (I needed two kinds) and thankfully their restrooms were open, as well as very clean. One more stop and I found what I hope is the right caulk and we were on our way home. We also went to the grocery store and found some ready to bake gingerbread cookies that I'm about to pop in the oven. Mmm... can't wait!

Happy Wednesday!

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