Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

I have a little bit of the nesting bug today (as soon as I type this out I'm sure it will disappear) and thought I would sit down and take a little break. I have done so much laundry today in the effort to make sure all the baskets/hampers are empty when this baby arrives, because who wants three baskets of laundry waiting for them when they get home from the hospital? Not me. So... I really have to keep up with it now.

Yesterday I was gone most of the day grocery shopping, dropping the kids off at my mom's and getting a checkup. The baby is growing wonderfully, especially with the steady diet of cookies that I've been on (the scale didn't hold anything back). That has to stop, though, so I made this potato soup yesterday for supper. I cut the recipe in half and it was more than enough and delicious. I will definitely be making it again and again. It's really budget friendly. As in less than a $1/serving by my completely accurate calculations.

I better get back to managing what's still left to clean up.... the kitchen has been sorely neglected today. More exciting things tomorrow. Maybe.

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  1. Before every baby I've had I insist that the basement and all closets/ cupboards must be clean... can we say psycho????