Friday, November 2, 2012

ten happy things friday

Homemade cinnamon rolls.

The hot orange juice remedy for sore throats that was passed down from Tim's grandma.

Onion rings from Sonic.

Rose is hilarious. She just walked over to me, put her hands on her hips (I've never seen her do this) and asked if she could have some oatmeal now. Last night when I was putting her in bed, for the second time, she asked if I would come back "to-mah-yo" and wake her up and then told me "adios".

We received our first two issues of National Geographic Kids magazine this week. The boys love stealing our NG to look at the pictures, watching Nature, Nova and anything like that on PBS, so I know they will enjoy their very own NG magazine.

Cocoa in my coffee with half & half. So good.

I think I have everything for the baby except one thing that isn't even a necessity (a cute hat). 

Glad it's Friday.

Got to see our friends yesterday that we haven't seen in sooooo long! (Stop moving so far away you guys.)

34 weeks today... we're getting so close to due date time!

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