Thursday, October 25, 2012

33 weeks

Tomorrow I'm 33 weeks, not that I think 12 hours is really going to make a difference here.

I feel like this baby is huge. This girl is frequently hitting my ribs and making me wince with her very painful jabs. She is head down (and has been for a while) and growing nicely. Apparently she weighs four pounds and I am gaining (supposed to be, anyhow) a pound a week.... half a pound goes to her and half a pound is "water retention" that goes to me.

I've been slowing down on my eating everything in sight routine. I just don't feel as hungry anymore, although there are certainly times when I feel famished. No particular cravings to mention, but I do find myself gulping cranberry grape juice any chance I get. Heartburn loves me. Interesting little fact about that.... old wives tale that heartburn during pregnancy was a sure sign that the baby would be born with a nice head of hair has been scientifically proven. I read that article and instantly thought back on my previous pregnancies and I have concluded that it is indeed true. I didn't have much heartburn with my first and he was not completely bald, but close to it. My second and third I could not go to bed without taking tums first and eventually backed off eating trigger foods. With this one it has been bad for quite a while and I have tried my best to not eat anything after 4pm that will set off the flames (I miss salsa). I hypothesize that this baby girl will have lots of hair.

Nesting has not picked up any. I am still slowly packing my hospital bag and I think I'm about done with that. Next month I plan on making some freezer meals so that I'm not forcing everyone to eat pasta or cold cereal for supper for a couple of weeks after the baby is born. Any suggestions for me? I plan on throwing in some ready for the crock pot meals, too (stew, potato soup, honey bourbon chicken).

That about wraps up this little journal entry. I thought about making a pumpkin cake today, but it might be too late for that. Whatever, I'm making it anyway. Adios my good friends.

p.s. happy birthday to my very sweet mother-in-law!


    Yay for 33 weeks - only a few more to go until that sweet little girl is here!

  2. Can I echo what Kelly said? You look GORGEOUS! So beautiful.