Friday, October 12, 2012

ten happy things friday

My sister got me some really cool earrings!

Our public library has preschool story time on Wednesday mornings and I'm planning on taking Ry and Rose next week. I'm nervous, but we'll see how it turns out.

The kindergarten- 3rd grade choir is singing in church on Sunday. So... D is singing on Sunday!

I managed to get pulled over by a trooper on my 3 minute drive to the bus stop on Tuesday and got out with a warning (thank goodness).

We had breakfast for dinner last night and it made me happy.

I started packing my hospital bag this morning. So far I have a burp cloth and swaddling blanket for the baby and a wrap/ sweater for me. Totally prepared. (Nothing else is packed because I got distracted. So typical.)

I signed us up to work the kindergarten booth (for a half hour) during the school/church fall festival. I'm pretty sure we can manage clipping some prizes on to a "fishing pole" for 30 minutes.

I'm 31 weeks today so roughly 7- 8 weeks to go if I stick to this little trend:
Baby #1 @ 38weeks 4 days, Babe #2 @ 38 weeks 2 days and Bambina (#3) @ 38 weeks 3 days

I'm making chili tonight. It's not chili weather. At all.

The boys ran up to me a few nights ago while we were outside and claimed that they had seen a snake. I looked and never found it and then Tim looked and still nothing. I figured the snake had escaped and was a tiny bit skeptical of the whole thing.... This afternoon I see something that looks a lot like a snake in the kids outside play room. Turns out they were telling the truth. I'm also really proud of them for following the rules of seeing a snake: RUN AWAY.

Everyone have a good weekend!

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