Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Well, our long weekend is over and it's back to business as usual. It's also back to being hot, too hot for September. I have lived here my entire life and still expect the calendar flip from August to September to immediately change the weather as well. It never does. There is football, school is in session and fall decorations are out in full force in the stores, but the heat is not relenting. I can't even take the kids to the park in the morning without feeling like I'm in a sauna due to the humidity. Woa, sorry about that tiny rant. I've been trying so hard this summer not to talk about the weather.

Anyhow... D came down with either some severe allergies or he caught a cold. Yesterday we planned on going to a fun (and free!) museum, but by noon the big guy was acting like he couldn't bare to move a muscle so we called our spontaneously planned trip off in order for him to rest. He was not pleased at all, however he fell asleep about 20 minutes later. Last night he barely ate anything and I put him in bed thinking there was almost no chance he would feel up to going to school this morning. D likes school too much to let some congestion keep him at home, though. We trudged through our morning routine and I doubted very much he would even last through the morning at school, but decided if he felt like going I should at least let him try.

By the time we got to school he had perked up considerably compared to how he was acting at home. I explained to his teacher (she is so awesome!) how he was feeling and that if she felt like he wasn't able to pay attention or seemed miserable that I would certainly pick him up. She promised to keep an eye on him and so far I haven't heard from the school, so I will take it that he's doing okay. He was sitting at his table getting ready to color when I left and he gave me a big smile, which was reassuring.

(D made it through school! He's still feeling a little down, though.)

Now I think that I will continue with the endless task of laundry that I started a million years ago. I'm getting closer and closer to selecting a weeks worth of nice clothing to stay in the closet and throwing the rest out.... I can't decide if it would make life easier (less laundry) or harder (keeping up with the laundry). Right now, being pregnant and all, I only have about a weeks worth of acceptable clothing anyhow. And still wearing out the same pair of jeans from my first blessed pregnancy 6 whole years ago... Let's hope they stay together for 3.5 more months!


  1. I appreciate the hospitality this weekend! I hope D feels better!!

    1. No problemo! Thanks for all your help around here, you're a great friend!

      Dr. Dree.