Wednesday, September 19, 2012

well, it's Wednesday

Trying on baby shoes
My sister in law gave me some baby clothes and shoes yesterday. Just in time, too, as I was thisclose to loading an online shopping cart after I counted the 4 body suits and 4 sleepers I purchased a few months ago and having a mild panic attack about the clothing situation. Seeing as how I only have about 12 weeks left to the due date (and I have never made it to a due date yet, so I'm aiming to be ready two weeks early) I am starting to get a hint of the nesting instinct. Just a hint.

Tomorrow I get to do the very fun glucose test at the doctor's office. Thankfully my doctor has never made me drink the orange syrupy stuff that I've always heard about. Instead of doing that I get to fast all night long and then arrive early at the office have some blood drawn and then I am sent off to eat a high sugar breakfast before getting my blood taken again. It's the only time that it's very much okay and encouraged to eat a giant cinnamon roll or doughnuts or pancakes with lots of syrup. After that I am back to my well balanced diet of cookies, pumpkin muffins and cheerios  scrambled eggs, salads and lean meats. Sounds so appealing doesn't it?

There's not much else to say. I am about to go pick up my big kindergartener and then make supper. Oh, we survived chapel today. Barely, but we did and it felt like success.


  1. My Dr lets me choose between cranberry juice or a king size Snickers.

    I choose Snickers.

    1. That's not a real tough choice, at least not for me. I wish my doctor would suggest I eat a king size Snickers.

  2. Enjoy your yummy, doctor's orders breakfast!