Monday, September 17, 2012

slimmed down weekend

We had a good weekend. There were redbox movies on Friday night; The Ghost and The Darkness, Hunger Games and The Lorax. I couldn't even stay in the room while The Lorax was playing, but it was for the kids and honestly, I don't think they really cared for it either. The other two movies were more to my liking.

Saturday Tim got up early and went dove hunting with some of his friends. Rose woke up at about the same time the door shut behind him so I was essentially up then, too, since I never fell back to sleep. We went to Tim's parents' house to watch football and the kids fell asleep on their couch... I think maybe I "rested my eyes" for a few minutes.

Sunday we woke early and I was excited about meeting our little Sunday school class.... The kids are fun; there were only 5 this week. I've already got the activity for next week ready!

Today I'm trying so hard to get things done around here, but a sinus headache seems like a good excuse to only do minimal work. And to make chicken and dumplings. Better post tomorrow? We hope so.

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  1. I still haven't seen The Hunger Games, is it worth my dollar?