Tuesday, September 11, 2012

always exciting

We'll start with our weekend. Saturday night, after playing and running around all day, D suddenly decided it was time to tell us his ear was hurting "really bad". And he "couldn't hear" out of it. OH. This was after 8pm as I was shuttling him into the shower.... So I made him take a shower and then I gave him some children's advil, heated a sock full of rice and attempted to "make it better". I've never had an ear infection and until then none of the kids had ever had one, so I didn't really know what to do besides consult Dr. Google and my pediatric wellness books' symptom charts. I asked D how long his ear had been hurting and he said very matter of factly, "Since I woke up." I don't know why he waited ALL day to say something.

Sunday morning he slept later than everyone. We were already eating breakfast before Tim went and woke him up and then D just sat at the table staring at his pancakes. I took his temperature and he said his ear was still hurting... So one phone call to the after hours nurse line and we had us an appointment for a Sunday afternoon doctor visit. To add to our awesome morning it was our first Sunday as Sunday school teachers and I had to stay home with D. Tim had to go alone and spent the whole time trying to learn kids' names. I felt really terrible I wasn't able to help, but I couldn't really do anything about our situation; I just hope next weekend is better. Anyhow, D has a middle ear infection and is feeling better now that we have our antibiotics and prescription ear drops (that he hates).

Monday rolled around and D went to school while I went to town to visit the bank. Actually I called my mom and we ended up going together and we got to see my dad at work.

My dad is a custom home builder so it's always fun seeing him at work and what awesome things he is doing. The kids wanted to stay and be helpers, but I think they are a little too young to actually be helpful at this point.

Well, I am heading back out the door to help my mom design invitations for my Opa's surprise birthday party at the end of the month. Then I have to come home and make tortillas for taco night.Once you make homemade tortillas it's really hard to go back to buying the mass produced kind.


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  1. Hope Cap'n D is all better. He's a tough kiddo.

    Also hope the rest of you are happy and well. Take care! :)