Monday, July 2, 2012

our weekend & a bit of monday

Saturday involved buying some fireworks for the kids (we were big spenders- sparklers, a fountain and some m-1000s), picking up T's car from his job (clutch issues- thought it was fixed), Mexican food at Maudies and a tow truck. The car was working fine until we wanted to leave Maudies and the clutch wouldn't budge. So... after fiddling with it we decided to call a tow truck (thank goodness for our roadside assistance plan!) and take it back to T's work. The boys loved getting to see the truck and the driver was really nice and honked the horn for them (it sounded like an 18 wheeler). We were a little unhappy about the situation and headed home, but that evening ended up being quite relaxing.

Sunday it rained in the morning so our park and swimming plans were out. We drove around town looking at the houses after church and talking about what we liked. We used to do that a lot before we had kids. To keep the kids somewhat entertained I would spot a lawn ornament and see if they could find it before we passed the house. Then we came home and all the kids took naps (so rare).

And today... I worked out, washed laundry, went for a walk with the kids and took the dogs so they could swim in the stock tanks and restored my computer back to working condition! I have supper in the crock pot (pork for bbq sandwiches) and now I need to put away the laundry and clean up the kitchen. And get Rose to stay in her room so she'll take a nap. I'm mostly concerned with that last thing. More tomorrow.

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