Thursday, July 26, 2012

While Waiting

Okay, the ultrasound is in about 5 (long) hours and while you wait in suspense for the reveal I figured you would love to know what's going on this morning.
one day shy of 20 weeks bump & biggest brother
I'm waiting for the clothes to dry so I can wash the dishes... why can't I do this at the same time? I live in an old house and it's very finicky about what appliances are operating during the same hour. But, I already know what I'm going to wear (thanks to a very kind friend that has given me a lot of cute maternity clothes), my hair is done, I have my paperwork filled out and a writable CD in my purse (hopefully we can get a video of u/s).

Laughing at myself for totally freaking out when I found our front door half way open (the storm door was still shut) when I took Rose back to her room at 3am. It's not an uncommon occurrence to find the front door ajar, but I panic at just about any strange noise or shadow at night. I woke up Tim and made him walk through the house and we found.... nothing! That won't keep me from making sure the door is locked every time I walk past it from now on. (Sorry in advance for locking you out honey.)

Oh, and I have to share this! We were getting the kids ready for bed and asked them if they knew what to do if there was ever a fire in the house. Ry nodded his head and Tim asked him, "Okay, what is the first thing you would do?" Ry thought for a second and very seriously answered, "Panic."

Goodness I love honest kids! We could barely contain our laughter and eventually were able to explain that before you panic you need to get out of the house.

And... now I am ready to go and will stop blabbering on about random things. I'll try my best to update this evening. 

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