Thursday, July 12, 2012

the kids

Last night I caught Rose searching through my purse looking for money. (Good luck.) I zipped it up and handed her a receipt instead. Ten minutes later she comes up to me and asks me very seriously, "Can I have twenty dollars, Mama?" I was completely surprised by her question and sent her to ask her Daddy who was also thrown off by her question. She's two... what's next? Asking for the car keys?

Today I was snacking on some frosted mini wheats when the kids came up and each took a few to eat. D looked at one quizzically, took a tiny bite, made a face and said, "It tastes like I'm eating sticks."

And one more.... during lunch Ry was trying to see the "sports people" (Olympians) on the cereal box so he stood up in his chair to reach across the table for the box and ended up spilling my tea (which I had just poured). I had intentionally placed my glass far away from him to prevent that from happening. Before I could even say anything he blamed me for the accident, telling me I shouldn't have put my glass there. Yes, I should know better...

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  1. I just wanna know what Rose was wanting to buy, lol :o)