Friday, July 20, 2012

19 weeks

We are getting very close to finding out if Baby 4.0 is a boy or girl! My last update (only update) was at 14 weeks. I suppose if anyone is curious about what has changed in five weeks then this is for you.

The all day/spontaneous nausea has pretty much disappeared, occasionally emerging if I am super hungry, extremely hot or happen to smell something gross. As far as what I like to eat... I'm eating normally again. Not really craving anything too much or having aversions. Usually garlic is a big offender while I'm pregnant, but it hasn't been a problem with this one. I am loving dill pickles and Colby cheese. Non pregnant me does not eat bananas except in muffins/bread or shakes, but I have eaten several and enjoyed them lately. I prefer beef over chicken (not really unusual), potatoes any way, sauteed veggies, strawberries, watermelon... sliced avocados with salt and pepper, fried eggs, biscuits with sausage gravy. Um, food. I like it. I haven't been super into Mexican food that I prepare, we had lunch at my favorite Mexican food place and it was perfect and I could probably eat there several times a week, but tacos at home are not really appealing to me. As far as sweets I prefer ice cream (with pretzels) or homemade cinnamon rolls (just made some!).

I had a doctor's visit yesterday and I think I've gained 12-15 pounds so far, which is very much consistent with how I gained for my other three. I am not a light weight (haha) with packing on the pounds; I have always gained about 40.

I'm still tired and I still cry at just about anything (America the Beautiful, Tim bringing home chocolate ice cream, the kids not napping). I think the only time I experienced the "bliss" of 2nd tri was with my first.

I have been feeling little kicks or jabs, but it's still early and I only feel them once or twice a day. My doc says the baby is growing beautifully and is happy with how everything is going. So, if you still want to take a guess at what this baby will be wearing (pink or blue- the poll is at the top right corner) please do! It looks like blue is winning right now.

If you want some sort of comparison with how I felt while pregnant with my boys compared to my girl... not much different. The nausea has been worse with each pregnancy. I craved fried chicken, enchiladas and sweets with my first boy, healthy food and sweets with my second boy, pretty much a combo of both with my girl (and chocolate!). I don't see a whole lot of difference there.

I have to go find something to eat now. Big surprise.

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  1. "Um, food. I like it." Best. Line. Ever.
    I completely/totally/100% agree.

    Also, your bump is looking ADORABLE!!!