Monday, July 16, 2012

some of today, some of the weekend

I'm glad we had a good weekend because Monday is being... Monday. I just finished eating lunch (scrambled eggs and an english muffin) at 2pm. I'd love to upload some pictures but I'm having technical difficulties. I'll save them for tomorrow. (No, they aren't of my lunch.)

Rose is teething. I forgot two year old's cut molars! She's actually handling it pretty well except her temper is about 90 times worst than usual. She's been more grouchy and I'm trying to keep my patience because, after all, she is two. She had a major meltdown before nap time and when she finally calmed down she asked me to read her three books and then she climbed in her bed and fell asleep. I hope she wakes up in a better mood!

On a brighter note, I managed to swap out my regular clothes for what is left of my maternity wardrobe. The pre preg. clothes are boxed and out of sight so that I am no longer standing in front of a closet crying because I can't wear anything. That has happened too many times to continue (even though half the time I'm wearing workout attire so it doesn't matter).

The weekend was nice. Friday night we went out for pizza (probably because I declared it "leftover night). Saturday afternoon we went to town to find the boys some shoes and Ry was able to lift a Dr. Pepper off a really nice boot salesman (also, they offered Tim a margarita... date night will begin at the boot store after this baby is born- ha! just kidding! but, yes, really). Unfortunately we didn't have our lottery earnings with us to spend on ridiculously expensive boots so I suggested we try the Ross (bargain shoppers unite*) that just opened a few months ago. We walked in as a store employee ran out, did some weird hopping dance, glanced at "traffic" and sprinted across the parking lot (at the time I was put off by this, but now I'm beginning to wonder if she just couldn't handle being in that chaotic place anymore). We passed by some universal auto floor mats randomly placed in the men's clothing section, found the ransacked children's shoe department wall (?) and promptly walked out and vowed never to return. Tim was so impressed with Ross that I heard about it for a good 20 consecutive minutes and then at random times since then.
Sunday we joined our church and had cake and then spent the afternoon relaxing. Basically just your average weekend.

Have a good evening since that's about all that's left of today.

*while heading to ross we listened to this song. click at your own risk.

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  1. Definitely been in the sad-about-my maternity-clothing-selection mode recently also...putting the normal clothes away makes it so much better!