Thursday, March 1, 2012

quiet bag= less wiggles

I've probably spent more time in the nursery or outside walking around with Rose during church than actually in the service over the past month. The third service we attended, after I saw other parents with little bags with activities for their kids & learning that the church hands out coloring sheets and crayons, I put together my own bag of quiet entertainment for the boys (and Rose if she stays with us). As you can see in the picture- 2 I Spy books (I got them for about $1.50 each), 1 small package of crayons, the cutest of our small activity books (Bambi), a few loose Toy Story coloring pages, a handful of fruit snacks and a small "lift the flap" board book. I'm working with what I have here at home, otherwise I'd probably hunt out some more church themed coloring books. I think this has been working for  us so far. The only bad part about snacks is that the boys ask for them almost immediately upon walking through the church doors. I try to save those for the most needed of times.

I keep all this together in the backpack Ry has (thanks Holly!) and make sure it's stocked up with snacks before we head out the door. I'll probably switch out the books in a few weeks to keep it from getting too mundane.

I figured I'd share what we're doing for now. As they get older and can read and sing along we won't need "entertainment" like this, but for now it's really helping.

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  1. I love the I-Spy books. I think they are our favorite quiet activity. We did have to stop bringing snacks because it was just becoming too much of an issue. The minute of peace wasn't worth the 59 of asking or something like that!