Monday, March 19, 2012

feeling normal

 I spent the weekend trying to sleep as much as I could. Apparently some sort of virus got through my elaborate germ catching nets that I weave tightly around myself when I venture out in public. OR I got it from T... who, after seeing the effect it had on me, is convinced he already had it just a few days prior to me. If that's true then I somehow caught the "man cold" version because I was simply out of commission for 3 (4?) days. I spent Friday on the couch only getting up to slap some lunch together, open snacks and fill sippy cups. T made dinner Friday and Saturday night. He brought me chicken soup and ice cream (vanilla). I almost didn't go to my sister's baby shower, but I was feeling better Saturday morning so I braved it. Probably not the best idea. I spent the entire time feeling exhausted and miserable. It was a great party, though! I'm glad I got to be there. Then I spent the evening and night paying for it. Sunday I actually rested all day. Definitely needed to do that.

Today I am feeling almost back to normal. In fact, it's time for nap and I know some cute little kids are going to put up a fight about it and make elaborate excuses... I'm ready.

I think.


  1. Oh noo! Being sick is the worst. I'm glad you were able to get some help. As much of a bummer it is to be sick on the weekends, it's somewhat easier bc there's usually help around. Good luck!

  2. oh no! glad you are feeling better---- would you mind giving it to me though.. the idea of sleeping solo an entire day and having a husband make me dinner two nights in a row sounds totally worth it!

  3. Oh man, that really sucks!! Hope you're back to normal SOON!

  4. It's so hard when we get sick and others want us to be up to speed. Glad you got some rest and are feeling a little better. Get Well. Take care.