Thursday, March 29, 2012

That Store. It's sucking me in.

Ikea. I'm on a mission to get there soon. (Without the entourage of youngsters.) I really wanted to dislike this store and I kind of do. I don't like the herding through the store, the extreme difficulty of trying to leave the store (especially if you don't purchase anything), the unhelpful "shortcuts", circular maze-ness.... But I do like the products (I think, I've never actually purchased anything). The ideas they inspire. The tidiness. The simpleness. So I present you with some things I'd like to spend our hard earned money on.
I would make this into a bunk bed by adding a mattress underneath. I like the fact that it wouldn't be very high. I'm raising some daredevils as it is.
This would be D's bedding... his favorite color is red. Currently.