Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Things she says

I wanna hold you, Mama.
I wanna sit you me.
No, I don't want it!
Appleyauce? (applesauce)
Mmm! It dawishes (delicious)
 Uh, no, I don't go night night.
I do it!
I need go pa-ee (potty)
Dees my shoes?
Dat my jamas (pajamas)
Ow, my hanger. (finger)
I want APPLE juice (ORANGE- every. time.)
 I want nana (banana)
No, dats my mommy!
Mama, you seepin? (sleeping) 
Mama, wake up!
Jelly sammich (jelly- no peanut butter- sandwich)
Shh! You be quiet.
Daddy's home!
What dat noise?
Dat my coffee. (Um, no, it's not.)
Where my stars?
Night night. I wuv you too.


  1. OH Wow! What a heart melting post. It takes me back to when my 11 year old was in my arms as a little one still. Prescious!


  2. um no its not.... made me laugh out loud. I cant wait for Annabelle so start telling me she wuvs me!!! such a precious list!

  3. pa- ee, does she outsource? my 2 1/2 year old could use some guidance.