Thursday, March 22, 2012

every day

me: alright, it's nap time!!!!
boys in unison: NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
rose: NOO!! (starts running away from me)

The boys get in their beds and immediately ask for something to drink. Fine, I'm sure they are SO thirsty. As I'm walking into the kitchen Rose looks like a deer in headlights and starts shrieking and running in circles. I ignore her attempts to avoid nap time and fill up the boys' cups. Rose is sitting on the couch when I come out of the boys' room and I scoop her up and she flails around all angry like. I laugh. I laugh a lot. I give her blanket to her, her cup and kiss her goodnight. She is already out of her bed and yelling at me when I shut her door. She plays for a while and then will crawl into her bed and go to sleep. After four minutes of nap time D comes out of his room.

D: Mommy? Um, can I color quietly?
me: No, you need to try to take nap.

Then I came in here and wrote this. After I had started cleaning up and folding laundry. Out comes D, again.

D: Can I have some fruit snacks?
me: No, not until after nap time.

Ry: I need to go potty.
me: Okay, go.

 What will they ask next? I don't know, but I've got to attempt some sort of house work while they pretend to take a nap. ha. ha. ha.
Should I just give up on nap time already?


  1. never give up on nap time!!!!!! never ever ever ever... one day they will regret all the nap times they didnt take advantage of

  2. i had terrible nappers...I gave them a choice , even at under 2 yrs old...nap or chores...worked for me!!