Wednesday, March 21, 2012

picture overload

Hey, let's go for a walk after supper.
Okay, that sounds like fun!

 So, we need to cross this creek?

And this one, too? I'll go first!
 Hello, Girl-With-No-Fear.

 Why don't we go ALL the way to back?
We'll have to cross another (the same?) creek.
And we'll see this...
Elk. (our neighbor's)
A little nature walk and a Texas sunset. 
Perfect ending for the first day of Spring.


  1. Your daughter and my son must be separated at birth or something. "hello, do you not see the edge of the platform how it will plummet you to your death if you don't get your stinking face away from it???"

  2. That is it... I am sending Annabelle over... she will just explode from happiness participating in these kind of adventures (and her and rose and no fear themselves off of all sorts of things much to our horror!)

  3. So fun- love the land you have around you!

  4. Aw, T looks all handsome and stuff. Granted, you can't see his face.