Monday, January 31, 2011

Warm is Good

Today is going to be the last really nice weather day we will have for about a week. Tomorrow a cold front is blowing in that is bringing some really frigid temperatures until at least Friday...that's where the forecast ends. This means some extra work for us around here. We don't get these super cold spells very often, so we start preparing days in advance. Or just one day or a couple of hours in advance. It all depends on how weather focused we are. It's not like there's anything else going on in our lives besides watching out for freezing weather and possibilities of snow. Lucky us, we have been forewarned about this weather. I have no complaints about the extra things that have to be done; I just don't like being cold. So the next 5 days when I go out to check the animals I will be bundled up like I'm in the Artic. The lows are going to be in the teens and highs only in the 30s. I'm a Texas gal, I don't do cold. I spent a small chunk of time in Baltimore, February-April a couple years ago, and the snow was pretty but otherwise I didn't care for the cold.
Today I have to make sure the sheep and horses have water in the pens at the barn, check the little house next door and turn the water off over there, get Lori's kennel inside because I don't like hearing her crawling under my bed at night and tend to the chickens. Not a big deal. That gets the animals out of the way, but I also have my own little humans to take care of. I need to make sure we have an ample supply of diapers, food, warm clothes, blankets and fun inside activities. That's not a big deal either. I don't get to town often by myself so T is stopping by the store on his way home, otherwise I'd be there right now instead of writing this.
Today I will be baking cookies and creating a great cold weather menu for this week. So far I have chili and roast beef planned. Now I'm stuck. Lasagna and stew? I suppose that could be good. Does lasagna qualify as a "cold weather food"? Probably not, but I want it.
It's nap time now so I will be going back to my life. I love my life.

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