Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I May Be Frozen

This cold weather is something else. It blew in (literally) at 4am. I wakened to howling wind and shingles being ripped off the roof. I grabbed T and turned into a 3 year old because I didn’t like how the wind sounded at my window. So, we got up and checked the weather on TV and this Internet thing. So much for the front coming in around 11am. Come on meteorologists!
 It’s a good thing T got the horses penned last night or they would have been hiding in the woods somewhere. Speaking of the woods, T went on a little walk and called me to tell me we have a newborn calf! My brother had some cows over here this summer and this one jumped out of the pen when he came to load them up and move them back to his place. This lonely cow has just been hanging here with the sheep and horses. T hadn’t seen her the previous day so he suspected she had calved. I, of course, had no suspicions of any kind. I think I was busy trying to wrangle my kids and make sure we had clean clothes to wear.
My Internet is out right now, but I thought I should write anyhow and post it later when I get it working again. I do not know when that will be. In other happenings today, I am making chili tonight and then I will snuggle up with a blanket and some hot cocoa and watch the return of Parenthood. Then I will go snuggle up under my huge down comforter and hibernate until this cold weather goes away. Oh who am I kidding? I will get up at 7 tomorrow and make the best of things. Who has a down comforter in Texas anyhow? Me. I don’t regret it one bit either. Apparently big fluffy comforters are not in style anymore. The bedroom stylist people (puh-lease) have decided that blankets are sleeker looking and more modern. Um, ok, sure if you have central heat or live somewhere like Brazil. I, on the other hand, think that is total baloney. I currently have no central heat or air conditioning and think my down comforter has saved my life. It’s seasonal bedding, anyhow. The summer calls for light covers that can be thrown off easily  when it starts burning up. Ok, now that my opinion is out…let’s move on.
I am thinking I need some techie gloves. You know, the kind that are fingerless, so I can type or text without my hands freezing. Just the tips of my fingers would be frozen, even better. The kids are fairing quite well with this weather. D-man, my 4 year old, keeps asking to go outside. I keep telling him no. The wind chill is between 10 and 20 out there. We don’t have a snowsuit for him. Or anyone else, because that is what it would take for me to let him out there. Ry-Guy doesn’t really care. He probably would like to take his socks off but I won’t let him. Little Rose doesn’t care either. As long as they are happy  I am happy too.  I am going to go find a blanket now.
Not completely frozen (yet),

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