Monday, January 24, 2011

A Better Monday

I'm not sure what I should write about today. I had quite a busy weekend but I don't know that it was interesting enough to claim a blog post. Hey, what-the-heck, let's go with it.
So, the house has been a little chaotic. You know, messy. Ok, it was a great big pig-sty of a place and I couldn't deal with it on top of my daily responsibilities. It was really out of hand. Saturday morning we started cleaning. I will admit it took some prodding from T to get me moving. Come on, we all know Saturdays are to create messes not clean them up. About half way through this clean up it dawned on me that during big crisis type messes I revert back to being a 7 year old. When I was a kid I would be told to sort through a bunch of school papers or organize my dresser drawers and it always ended up it being worse than it started. I would sit in the middle of my room surrounded my useless stuff and worry I might need it again one day if I threw it out. I guess I need supervision. T was amazing. He took charge right away and gave me a simple task that I could accomplish without much distress to my pretty little head. Even as an adult (this is sad) I needed someone to keep me focused during this massive clean up. I instantly felt overwhelmed and stressed when I stared at those boxes that I had to go through. (insert heavy sigh)
We made it though. I pulled on my boots and plowed through the mess and actually helped rather than hindered my dear sweet husband. Yes, he has great patience. Our room is actually peaceful now. The living room is welcoming, I can walk through the playroom and the dining room is nice again. The kitchen was left untouched... I am cleaning it today. It was not the most important part of "The Clean".
Besides cleaning we went to a play in the nearby small town that T's brother was in. It was about lady pirates... and it was a small town theater. I still remind myself. My brother-in-law did a great job. Didn't miss any lines and played his part really well, which included him having to wear a dress! Sunday we finished up cleaning and then went to my Opa's house to watch the AFC and NFC championship games. One of our teams won. I am already planning the Super Bowl menu. Yum. That's an entirely different post.
Monday is going pretty smoothly. I do have to clean the kitchen and do laundry, but otherwise not so hectic. I better get to it.
Slightly less frazzled,

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