Saturday, January 15, 2011

A New Year

No, I did not keep up with blogging last year. Only one post, wow. Things got a little busy...traveling, keeping up with the animals, finding the animals, trying to protect the sheep and lambs from a mountain lion, killing lots of chicken snakes; 12 in one month, and all the birthdays and holidays at the end of the year. I sort of forgot I had this blog. I read other blogs and keep saying that I should start one too so here goes. For real this time! It may not be a daily thing I do but I will try. I'm already trying to plan my garden this year and I know it's going to be much smaller than last years huge pain-in-the-neck hassle of a "garden". We had no idea what we were doing. I'm sure that's why my grandpa laughed when I told him all I was going to plant. He's 95 so I should have listened to him. It was just too much to handle with 3 little ones and let's not forget about those grasshoppers. I barely had time to water the garden let alone weed every day and try to do something about those dadgum pests. Why are they here anyway? If it's just to feed the darn garden spiders then what are they here for? I had a huge garden spider live on my kitchen window for at least 6 months. He ate well. My green beans lived long enough for one picking (filling up a gallon Ziploc bag) before the grasshoppers completely devoured them. In three days my three rows of beans were gone. They left the tomatoes, peppers and basil alone though. Basil was the easiest thing to grow last year. I didn't plant it, T did so that's probably why. We could plant the same thing and his would flourish and mine would promptly wither and die. This has been tested, I don't care to talk about it much. T doesn't know it yet, but he will be planting everything this year. I may try some flowers but I give them a miserable life after a few weeks. Except my ivy I bought; my mom has given me a hundred or so plants that I kill off after a while so why bother humiliating myself like that again? I can say very proudly that my store bought ivy is still alive. It went unwatered for 2 weeks when I was gone and still lived. I think it knew I needed it to live. If I can just keep one plant alive maybe I can add some more. Slowly.
I need to make cookies now. And fix some beef and get ready to watch the Ravens and the Steelers game. No promises, but I hope to write again before next year.

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