Friday, January 28, 2011

What'd You Say?

Just a couple of cute things I've heard my kids say this week.
1. Ry-Guy was in his room to take a nap and our dog was inside... "Lori can you take this? I don't want it anymore." He has shoved his toy pistol under the door. "Lori, I can't open the door. Please, Lori, open the door for me." Mister Clever.
2. D-Man nearly every day tells me, "Well, I'm not hungry for that. I'm hungry for some cookies." Or, here's a good one, "Daddy, do you like those peas?" Daddy answers that he does and so D-Man says, "Oh, that's great! They are good for you, but yucky for me. You need to eat all of them." Such a Smarty-Pants!
3. Little Rose. She tells us no, uh-oh, and MAMA! She also calls our doggie "Doh". Oh, she tells the boys "Go", as in "Go to your playroom!" and points her little index finger at them...Just like Mama.
Hoping everyone has a really awesome weekend,

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