Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baby Girl

I was really happy after having my two boys. I was not expecting to get pregnant a third time and certainly not expecting to ever have a little girl. Never say never, right? I knew I'd have a girl from the moment I thought I was pregnant. I tried to deny this, yes, but there's no denying I had a girl. She is so precious. She is moody, stubborn and emotional at times. However, I've been lucky this far... She doesn't care what clothes I put her in, she doesn't care if she has a bow in her hair (it's rare), she loves her Mama (I hope she still does at 13), she even hates it when I wash dishes! She tells us no already! So won't last. Eventually that will get her into trouble.
So, why didn't I expect to ever have a girl? I thought I was done having kids. I had experienced our friends' baby girls. Honestly, I couldn't handle the drama. I am a pretty laid back girl, not high maintenance and don't care if I get dirty. So... the thought of having a girl scared the heck out of me. I understood boys. Trucks, tractors, dinosaurs, dirt and animals. Hopefully Little Rose will have a good balance of girlishness and normalness. I hope she doesn't throw tantrums about her clothes or hair. I'm realistic; it'll probably happen, but just not every day. Please. I am pretty sure she won't mind getting dirty and hanging out with her brothers. She doesn't have a choice. We are all she has. I think she'll turn out to be a well rounded person that can hold her own with the boys and make all the other girls jealous of her amazing-ness. I am making up words now and we all know I should just end this before it gets out of hand!
In awe of my toddling girl,

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