Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wanted: A Guard

Dog. We already have a cowdog, yes, but she is not going to scare anyone off. Goodness, I hope I didn't offend her, because she really is an amazing dog. She alerted us every time the moutain lion attacked over the fall and she's great with the kids. However, several unfortunate things have happened over the past year that really makes T and I feel a large dog would really benefit us. I don't want a mean dog or a dog that will attack my grandma or something, but a dog that will bark at a stranger and just by it's looks tell them to "Get the hell out!"
Our cowdog alerts us to other animals, people walking down the road but not to people in vehicles. Not to mention most of the time when greeted by a new person she rolls on her back and says "give me love and attention!" So, we love her, and of course she is staying with us, we just need a good big dog to "defend" our home.
Oh, those "unfortunate things" that happened over the past year: Several of our neighbors were robbed during the day. Other nonsense is going on in the little town that really makes us want to have a good strong dog around. Don't mess with country folks, y'all.
So, you urban dwellers may say it happens all the time and to get an alarm system and be done. Uh, we live in the country...we have other devices to defend ourselves and property, if you know what I mean. We need something to defend our property and livestock from these overly confident thieves when we aren't home.
Anyhow, we hope to find a puppy soon. We know they're out there!

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