Friday, June 28, 2013

ten happy things friday

This little cutie is crawling! At her 6 month check up the doc was very impressed with her being ahead of several milestones (by the way, don't let anyone stress you out about those timelines, Mamas, babies are all different- some are over achievers/show offs and others could care less about impressing you with anything other than how loud they scream or big they smile.) Anyhow, we knew she would crawl early and she was sitting and backing up and this week she got the legs and arms working together to go forward. Our lives will never be the same now.

I can't take a picture of this guy not smiling. In just about every single picture that I take at swim Ry has a huge grin on his face. While he's diving, when he comes up for air, when he's practicing kicks and floating on his back. Also, how awesome is that picture of him jumping off the diving board? He has no fear.

My D-Man. I'm so proud of him. I know he was nervous about jumping off that board, but he did it. I loved getting to watch both boys have so much fun.

The C25K program. I'm almost done with week 4. So I am half way! I'm happy with my progress- especially because at the beginning I thought week four was impossible. Honestly, every week I look at the next week's training and think it seems unlikely that I can do it and then every week I surprise myself and do it. It's not always perfect, definitely not "easy", but I never quit. I'm running for me, but having the family there at the park (there's is an awesome track there) really encourages me to keep going.

The blended iced coffee I made the other afternoon. 2 cups hazelnut coffee, two scoops Dulce de luche ice cream, handful of ice and a splash of vanilla almond milk. It was a great pick-me-up (and a nice indulgence).

Sisters. Rose is so sweet and such a good big sister.

Fresh basil, rosemary and cilantro from our garden.

Sleeping until 7am. On a weekday!

The bbq ribs I made for Father's Day.... can't wait to make them again.

A big birthday shout-out to CLB- Happy 30th!!!!

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