Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Rose has become such a great big sister. She is very attentive to Sam... even when it seems likes she's playing and not paying any attention to Sam, Rose must be on high alert. She is especially watchful when we're around other people. If Sam spits up Rose goes into action finding a burp cloth and telling me all about it. When we get home from, well, anywhere and Sam has fallen asleep in her car seat I tend to leave her in it and let her nap, but as soon as she wakes up Rose is telling me that Sam wants out of there.
I love watching her interact with her baby sister. Yesterday I was in the kitchen and couldn't see either of the girls, but heard Sam laughing loudly and went to see what could possibly be making her laugh like that. It was Rose, laying on the floor face to face with Sam and waving a little toy bear that rattles. Sam loves to watch her siblings and often laughs and squeals while we are driving because she gets to sit in the middle row with D beside her and Ry and Rose behind her in the third row (she gets to face them). They all love getting her to smile and laugh.
I love it, too, because if they're laughing then they aren't fighting! 
I'm sure Sam and Rose will have some moments when they don't really want to get along, but I hope they are always friends and stay close to each other. It's really amazing to watch them bond.

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  1. That's awesome. Love the whole entry. Beautiful girls.