Tuesday, May 21, 2013

yay! pictures!

A few weeks ago this field of oats became hay. I can see a part of the field from our back yard and in the afternoon sun it looks like gold.

 This is just a really cute kid modeling my new sunglasses. If you look past her you can see my new flower bed (it was my mother's day gift). This weekend we added some solar lights around it and it looks awesome. I love it so much.
We might have a new barn cat... only it doesn't seem to like anything about the barn. I barely ever see him during the day, but he definitely lets me know if I've slacked on getting his food out in the evening. He'll walk straight to the front door and stare and meow at me through the side lights. It's been interesting.

I'm at the very last of my "I should be washing those dishes" time, so adios for now.


  1. The flower garden is great! And, as always, love the pictures, lady. :)

  2. Love all of your outdoor spaces- adorable picture of your daughter :)

  3. Your flowers look beautiful! Makes me want to go do some yardwork!