Monday, February 21, 2011

Changes to the Farm

This February has been crazy, as far as weather, anyway. Freezing temperatures, snow, ice, and now, 70 degree days and 58 degree nights. I have the huge urge to plant things... I know I should wait and I will. Actually, I did plant spring onions and cilantro... because this is the right time to plant them (I read the seed packet). I just came in from moving a bunch of very heavy rocks to border my flower beds. I am now sporting a smashed finger.
Over the weekend we moved our sheep to a new location. I guess we are "part owners" of them or something like that. They were really getting a bad habit of crossing fences and strolling down our road eating our neighbor's gardens and hay. My sister and brother-in-law, who are the other half of the ownership, found them a place with sheep proof fencing and plenty of grazing space. I hope they remain happy and I'm sure I will still be seeing them from time to time. We acquired three more guineas and lost our rooster. I was not sorry to see our rooster go.
Some really exciting news! Remember how I posted that we were looking for another dog? (looks up post...yes, of course I remember!) Well, we found him! Actually T found him and Brenner (of new pup's name) is T's dog. Lori (the blue heeler) is mine. So he has repeatedly said since she claimed me. Anyhow, Brenner is a German Shorthaired Pointer and a very handsome dog. He started tracking some hogs on his walk yesterday and this morning he "pointed". So, I think T made an excellent decision when he chose this dog. Again, Brenner is T's dog. I will do very little with his care and nurturing, although I do have a few responsibilities with him while T is at work.
I have clothes to put away, things to bake and thaw, dishes to wash, and kids to feed. A busy Monday again.
Washing Dishes with One Hand and Feeding Kids with the Other,

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