Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oh, Hi Again

Yay, I got the Internet back!
We made it through the ice, snow and freezing weather without incident. We did such a great job bearing the teens and 20 degree weather for those weeks (yes, two weeks in a row) that we are rewarded with 70 degree weather all this week! I'm really enjoying going outside with the kids and dreaming about my garden.
Over the weekend we did some much needed work on the house and it is looking pretty good. I am planning out some flower beds for along the front of the house and praying I will pick the flowers that will not totally give out on me right away. I have been researching "Earth Kind" plants for my region. So far the flowers I had in mind are on the list and are very hard to kill once they are established. I am hoping the rose that T has tried to kill unsuccessfully for many years survives the slaughter it went through this weekend. It was planted too close to the house and when T was fixing the side of the house where it was he cut it down to about an inch in height. I then decided I would take care of this rose and T was happy. He said he felt sorry for it, because surely if I tried to care for it it would die. I told him that at least he would be happy.
I hope we can beautify the yard before the end of April. I'd like to have Ry-Guy's birthday party at home. I have 2 months. His party needs to be awesome this year because last years kept getting put off (surgery dates did too) and he never had a party. We feel pretty bad about that. We did go out to eat with our very close friends for our birthdays (mine and his are a day apart), but that doesn't make up for it.
I've got party planning to do,

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