Friday, February 25, 2011

Headline: Baby Banana for Bananas

I have a little girl
With cute little curls
When she is hungry
She is very, very hungry
No, goldfish won't do
No, she doesn't want juice
Just a banana
Or make that two

My little girl really likes bananas. I mean she likes them so much she fought me for the banana peel yesterday! I had given her a banana and put the peel in a bowl that was still on the table from lunch. When she finished her banana (in about 12 seconds) I got her down from her chair and told her to go play.  I started washing some dishes and she walks over to me with a big grin on her chubby little face. "I wonder what's making her so happy? I hope she doesn't lay on my feet and cry when she sees I'm washing dishes again." She didn't cry. She was way to pleased with herself. I watched her and then noticed what she was carrying. The banana peel. She saw that pretty yellow peel on the table and thought, "More banana!" I tried to take it away from her and she suddenly had some sort of super power strength, I mean I really couldn't get her baby hand to open. Then, when I did managed to get her tiny fist open, she grabbed the peel with the other hand! Not to mention that my hands were all soapy so that didn't exactly help me out. So this goes on for a few more times, all the while Little Rose is making growling noises at me and then starts in with the screaming. I finally wrangled the peel away from her and threw it over in the compost bucket. I turn around to an outraged one year old who thinks I just threw a perfectly good piece of banana away. The screaming, crying and flailing of limbs really threw me for a loop. She is serious about her bananas. I knew she really liked bananas...just not this much. I can't take her to the store and just casually walk by the bananas and toss some in the basket. She sees. She wants. She cries. I actually have to somehow distract my precious daughter while I grab bananas and then HIDE them in the basket. It's a daunting task, believe me.

I now realize this post was about nothing but bananas and a baby. Forgive me, it's all I have right now. Unless you'd like to hear about which commercials annoy me most. I didn't think you did.
Enjoy some bananas your weekend!

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