Tuesday, November 20, 2012

just a quick update

So D has this whole week off for Thanksgiving break. When I was in school I believe we only got off Wednesday- Friday so, it's kind of awesome that he gets an entire week off. Yesterday we did our final grocery shopping trip prior to turkey day and the stores were already insane. It was so crowded and people were not as polite as usual, but I managed to not get caught up in the rush everyone seemed to be in. I even bought doughnuts since the kids were being fairly well behaved (we ate them afterwards while we waited in line for super cheap gas).

D and Ry spent most of the day outside riding their bikes and I repeatedly loaded and emptied the washer and dryer. (Now I need to put all that laundry away.) I also made a pie for Tim's work's t-day lunch that is today.

Today I'm cleaning up and then taking Rose to the doctor since she isn't feeling well. Last night was miserable, but even when she was obviously feeling terrible she managed to give me lots of big smiles. She's got a cough and "noisy breathing" which will almost always prompt us to visit the doctor. A cough and runny nose I handle just fine, but wheezing or grunty breathing makes me paranoid about it becoming pneumonia. Of course all the doctor's offices are busy since kids are on school break and it's a great time to get checkups done, but after talking to a nurse she found us an afternoon appointment. Hopefully we'll have her feeling better soon and I'll update tomorrow.

adios friends.

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  1. Aww, I hope that Rosie is feeling better soon! Sending lots of love her way!